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What would you try if you knew where to begin?


Every citizen has the ability to change their community for the better.

We know that you have great ideas of ways to reconnect with neighbors, help your fellow citizens, and improve the quality of life where you live...you just aren't so sure where to start.  Your resources may be scarce and your time may be limited but your desire is genuine.  We get that.

The Civic Hub wants to lend a hand.

We are launching a series of civic-minded tutorials called "How?" and we need your help!

Maybe you are a health professional who would like to help young people lead more active lifestyles, but you aren't sure how to reach out to local schools and youth groups.  Maybe you are a committee member trying to improve your group's outreach, but you don't know the first thing about social media and have never hosted a focus group.  Maybe your non-profit board has some important long-term decisions to make in order to continue to serve your community, but you don't have a strategic plan and aren't sure what the future holds for your organization.

Tell us what is holding you back from tackling the change you would like to see in your own community.  Chances are you aren't the only one stuck at square one, and chances are even better that with some technical support, you'll soon be blazing a path of contribution in your own town or neighborhood!

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where you could use some good old fashioned know-how:


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