(what do we do?) 

Idaho Falls main street

The Civic Hub is built on the idea...

...that communities are able to do amazing things when everyday citizens work together to design their future.  We want to help light the path, and here are ways we think we can:

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The Civic Hub shares your excitement for your town or neighborhood.

We appreciate that it can sometimes feel lonely at the front, and we provide individual consulting that caters to your big ideas for your community, whatever those ideas might be.

✲ individual consulting fees available upon request ✲




The Civic Hub understands that knowing where to begin can be the hardest part of any project.

To help jump-start your next big idea, we offer Civic Camp as a hands-on studio that will give you fundamental tools and inspiration you need to help you to design your dream.

✲ for further details about starter camps, click here ✲




The Civic Hub loves to craft a plan for change.

We would be honored to learn about your community and support the empowerment of your group or institution by developing an action plan that will guide your path toward civic change.

✲ custom-designed action plans developed upon request ✲




The Civic Hub believes that everyday citizens can collaborate to create amazing things.

We welcome the opportunity to help launch an era of engagement in your community, and we use our Community Co-op Conference as the means for citizens to design their future.

✲ for further details about co-op conferences, click here ✲