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Our firm was founded with the purpose of providing visioning, advocacy, support, and empowerment to everyday citizens working to improve their own communities.  Profiles of the people and places where we invest our time and talents are available by clicking on the images below.



Belmont is a storybook type of city, home to more than 10,000 residents and situated along the Catawba River just fifteen miles west of downtown Charlotte.  Founded at the height of the textile industry and home to Belmont Abbey, it has a postcard-worthy Main Street and a quality of life that is pretty hard to beat.  Family-friendly festivals, diverse natural and civic amenities, and an involved community all make Belmont a place worth investing in...but that also means that Belmont has an important responsibility: to ensure the decisions it makes as it grows today are ones that will serve it for generations to come.  Our work in Belmont began as part of the award-winning Build A Better Boulevard study, and continues today as we work to connect urban design with community development in this growing city.

image courtesy of  City of Brevard

image courtesy of City of Brevard


Brevard is a picturesque town at the base of the Pisgah National Forest in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, only an hour outside of Asheville.  Home to the Brevard Music Center and famous for its white squirrels, the historic town is the ideal base camp for all kinds of outdoor pursuits: mountain biking, road races, fishing, rock climbing, trail hiking, and kayaking.  The area is known for its waterfalls, many of which are in and around the DuPont State Forest.  With so many tourism draws, it has become important for Brevard to preserve its unique local character while still providing for the economic driver of its many visitors.  Our work in Brevard partners with our friends at Metrocology to develop an innovative new zoning ordinance that will guide the town and its future land use.

image courtesy of  Our Ampersand Photography

image courtesy of Our Ampersand Photography


Many people know about "The Chattanooga Story," but it is still impressive to see the vibrant and thriving city today, and to think back to when Walter Cronkite called it the "dirtiest city in America" just a generation ago.  Between the Tennessee Aquarium, the new development and historic building restorations, the revitalized riverfront, and the revival of businesses and commerce, Chattanooga is an incredibly livable city once again.  Still, the downtown success story has stopped short of many Chattanooga neighborhoods, and it is in those areas where our team is working to affect change.  Our work in Chattanooga began by partnering with our good friends at Glass House Collective on their creative placemaking on Glass Street, and we have more Chattanooga projects in the works in the coming months.