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The mission of the Civic Hub is:

to provide visioning for societal development, to support existing civic activism while contributing to remaining areas of need, and to empower citizens with meaningful ways to enact change within their communities.
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We provide a bespoke approach to
community development.


We believe that too often, towns and neighborhoods address their physical needs separate from their social, cultural, and environmental needs.  When community “hardware” becomes isolated from community “software,” the results of good intentions are often a diminished, damaged, or compromised versions of original visions, satisfying few and frustrating many.

The Civic Hub strives for far more.

We take a tailored method in our work, providing a proactive response to citizen-led initiatives.  Through everything from personalized independent consultations to collaborative community-wide civic socials, The Civic Hub partners with individuals, groups, and communities to create a shared investment in their common future.

We believe that our towns and neighborhoods are an untapped resource in our nation's success.

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WHY TOWNS MATTER by Mallory B.E. Baches

"Still, we shouldn’t forget that without all of those great small towns quietly raising fresh new talent for it to then up and leave to the opportunities of the big city, there wouldn’t be the narrative to begin with. Towns may seem small and un-noteworthy from the skyscraper view of the city, but they are an unsung breeding ground that serves to first support and later cheer the successes of great people, great ideas, and great changes."

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